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The company Lycos Malt s.r.o. belongs to one of the most important malt producers in Slovakia. At present, we produce malt of the Pilsen type on three production lines, namely Moving Mass, Lausmann and Saladin boxes, with a total annual capacity of approximately 72,000 MT.

In order to continually improve the quality of our malt, in 2002 we implemented a quality management certification system approved by Bureau Veritas and the Best Supplier Quality Program, which is a R&D project between breweries and our malt house. Furthermore, we have been audited by all the biggest brewing groups, such as Asahi, Molson Coors, Heineken and Carlsberg.

We are able to achieve the premium quality of our malt thanks to several important areas which we have focussed on: investment in the technical equipment of the individual parts of our malting house, constant improvement of our laboratory facilities which use the latest analytical equipment, continuous training and qualification improvements of our employees as well as a strict adherence to the quality management system. The technology of malt production is constantly being consulted on with well-known specialists from the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting (Výzkumný ústav pivovarský a sladařský) in Brno in the Czech Republic.

More than 95% of our production is exported to demanding markets across the whole of Europe. Our customers are independent breweries as well as multinational holding companies, all of whom are mainly based in Central Europe. Our strategy in sales is “around the chimney“ or as you say in English, “in our neck of the woods”, meaning the surrounding countries, where we develop long-term cooperative relationships which are beneficial to everyone.


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