Our laboratory is modernized every year, the current equipment is as follows:

The main laboratory:
- 2 distillation apparatuses to determine nitrogen by Kjeldahl method (proteins, soluble nitrogen, kolbach index)
- Densitometer Anton Paar DMA-4500 to determine extracts
- Viscosimeter Anton Paar AMVn to determine viscosity
- 3 mash apparatuses from 1-CUBE.- Friabilimeter to determine friability, PUGs, WUGs
- Turbidimeter ATRITUS A to determine turbidity of wort
- Spectrofotometer BOECO GERMANY to determine beta glucans and FAN
- Apparatus RODEM 6 to produce distilled water
- 2 shakers GFL 3006 for determination of gushing
- Moisture analyser Dickey John
- Analyser Perten IM 9500 for determination of moisture, starch content, total nitrogen, soluble nitrogen
- orbital shaker INNOVA 40 for determination of AAL, LE
- dryer, VENTOLINE 115 for determination of moisture

The admissions laboratory:
 - Moisture analyser GAC 2100 to determine moisture in barley and malt
- Apparatus PERTEN to determine the proteins
- Sieves 2.2 and 2.5 mm to determine the grain size
We are able to examine the following parameters: FAN, glassy grains, moisture, extract d.m., saccharification, clarity of wort, colour, colour after boiling, proteins, kolbach index, soluble nitrogen, hartong 45, extract difference, friability, homogeneity, pH, viscosity, beta glucans, gushing, DON
Education of lab technicians:
The team consists of the head of the laboratory with 4 lab technicians in the main laboratory and 2 lab technicians in the admissions laboratory. The head of the laboratory graduated from the Slovak University of Technology – Department of Fermentation Chemistry. The lab technicians were trained in the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting (Výzkumný ústav pivovarský a sladařský) in Brno.

We participate in circle tests, comprised of hundreds of laboratories around Europe and every month achieve excellent scores.



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