Our company has a very advantageous geographical position, not only are there ideal conditions for barley growing in the close surroundings of the malt house, but we have excellent access to all important transport routes. The next advantage is our proximity to the borders with the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland.

We are equipped by our own railway siding which allows us to perform loading directly from our malt silos to the rail wagons, without the need of further handling or intermediate transport. We are able to perform loading to any type of silo truck without the limitation of their height and the way of filling. Other way of carriage is to fill the railway, truck or sea containers with free loaded or sacked malt. Bratislava port on the river Danube is close and we are able to arrange the transportation of our malt by means of large river or sea ships.

Packing of malt:
free loaded in a wagon
free loaded in a truck
free loaded in a container
sacked, 50 kg per one sack
various big-bags

Lycos produces all varieties of malt upon client´s request. If you are interested please send us your requested specification and we will arrange production per request. Otherwise we offer the following product portfolio:
pilsner - Czech type, means malt from Czech barley varieties
            - Carlsberg type, lower modificated malt
            - malt made from soft barley varieties, with AAL over 83%
vienna, color 9 EBC
munich, color 12-18 EBC
bavarien, color 18-25 EBC
caramel light, 40-60 EBC
caramel dark, 150 EBC