Lausmann line was finished in 1996. It is modern German technology with the increased capacity of 26.000 MT of malt produced annually. It is fully computerized and air-conditioned.Saladin boxes, the line built with the support of European Funds, with increased production capacity of 27.000 MT,are fully computerized and air-conditioned. The malt has perfect system of tradability.



New investment planned for 2017 is to build a twin Saladin and rebuild old wanderhaufen. In total we plan to reach the capacity of 97.000 MT.



Each supply of barley is tested for the content of nitrogen, water, starch and the strict inspection is carried out to check germination, the size of grains and the presence of living or dead vermin. Our reception and storing capacities allow us to separate individual varieties of purchased barley and therefore to ensure homogenous conditions during the production process.
The priority of LYCOS - Trnava Malt House is a thorough process of steeping. The barley is steeped for 24 hours in the vessels made of stainless steel where the temperature, ventilation and CO2 extraction are electronically controlled. Steeping initializes the process of germination.
Germination is a precisely defined process. Electronically controlled and constantly monitored, it allows us to modulate the process in order to reach a specific character of malt according to the customer’s requirements. All lines are airconditioned.
A basic principle of the company LYCOS - Trnava Malt House is to use new technologies.  A fully automatized kiln with recycled air and a doser of the system transfer allows to save the energy and at the same time to dry malt economically for 24 hours. The advantage of this method is to maintain an optimal quality of the malt.