Trnava, which is situated on the large fertile lowland in the south-west of Slovakia, is without any doubts considered to be the cradle of the Slovak malting industry. The first references to a malt house in Trnava date back to the year 1395 when one of the five town gates was named the "Malting Gate". Trnava Malt House was founded by Mr. Treumann in the year 1893.

The first production line was underground malting floor with a capacity of approximately 4,000 MT per year. In 1962 a new line - "New Malting Floors" with a capacity of approximately 8,000 MT per year was built. In 1967 the first pneumatic malting plant was introduced - the line "Moving Mass" with a capacity of approximately 12,000 MT per year.
The second line introduced to the operation was a modern line "Lausmann" in the year 1995 with a capacity of approximately 20,000 MT per year. The third line, Saladin boxes, with the capacity of 20,000 MT of malt was finished in 2009. After modernization, with new air-conditioning we increased the number of months when we produce malt in the amount of 53.000 MT, then later on we increased the day-cycle, so production in 2015 was in the amount of 66.000 MT.
In 2017 we are planning to rebuild the old plant Wanderhaufen and build new Saladin boxes. These investments will move us close to the capacity of 100.000 MT per year.